Aesthete: one having or affecting sensitivity to the beautiful, especially in art.


Hello! My name is Evane (Corder) Williams. I was born and raised in the hill country outside of Austin, Texas, drawing on any surface I could find, and exploring the woods with my siblings. I then spent 4 years living in NYC, and was lucky enough to work with some amazing designers, art directors, and stylists at Martha Stewart Weddings. During my time at St. John's University, while earning my BFA in Graphic Design with some really spectacular professors and students, I spent some time traveling Western Europe studying art history, making some of my fondest memories.

I now call the Carolinas home, and work as a graphic designer and illustrator, and sometimes art director, prop stylist or event stylist. I currently work at Social Design House as a Sr. Designer, and spend my free time decorating my new home with my husband, the banjo-wielding songbird of Jude Moses, buying too many houseplants, and enjoying friends and family. I don't take on many freelance projects but if you think we might be a good fit, please feel free to reach out. 

photo by Eric Hurtgen for  Future&Flame .

photo by Eric Hurtgen for Future&Flame.

Aesthete: To have great affects for art and beauty.

I've always found myself drawn to beautiful things. I have been lucky to travel and live in a variety of beautiful and inspiring places, as well as work alongside and learn from many immensely talented creatives of all different aesthetics. I always seek to remain constantly inspired and create work that the someone will find beautiful and inspiring as well.